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Patient Testimonials 

I am so thankful! Dr. Pierone and the entire team at One Aesthetics are awesome! 

Dr. Pierone is just amazing! My husband and I think he is the best of the best! We couldn't have found anyone better and he is very kind and easy to talk to. 

Amie and the entire team at One Aesthetics are so cool! They make you feel so comfortable from the time you enter the door until the time you leave. Thanks guys for everything! You're the best! 

- Kris T

The entire staff at One Aesthetics are amazing. I’m no stranger to cosmetics treatments, but the level of service here is second to none. I had the “thread lift” or “liquid face lift” with Dr. Pierone. It was virtually pain free, and the results are amazing. My husband’s phone showed him pictures of me from exactly a year ago, and he said I look younger now. He knew I always got Botox or fillers, so I didn’t even bother to mention this to him. I told him I went to a new doctor, and he said never go anywhere else. 

- Joy U

I went to Dr. Pierone at One Aesthetics for Bellafill training and it was so much more than I could have possibly hoped it would be! He and the rest of the staff were wonderful and made me feel so welcome! He taught me far beyond what I had hoped to learn from the experience. If you are looking for training in regards to filler (including Bellafill), Botox, PDO threading or any other injectables, I would highly recommend them!!

- B Walker 

I had a scar on my nose from a past nasal surgery that really bothered me. I thought my only option was to have surgery again, which would be very costly and considerable downtime. My aesthetician introduced me to Dr. Pierone, and with PDO Threads the scar is gone! I loved it so much, I just had threads for my "chicken neck" and jowls. The results are amazing. Since my procedure, I have referred Dr. Pierone to several of my friends that cannot believe the difference. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to reverse their aging!

- L Hill

I had the opportunity to have a consultation with Dr. Pierone at the Trend Studio Botox event, and I was very impressed with his level of professionalism and knowledge. After a few weeks, I made the decision to make an appointment with Dr. P, and it was the best thing I have ever done! The staff was very warm and welcoming. In a matter of minutes, Dr. P transformed me. I feel like a new woman, I highly recommend his services to anyone that is looking to refresh their look! Thank you One Aesthetics for the wonderful experience!

- M Cortés

Warm and welcoming atmosphere.. doctor has great skills and is also very personable. I would recommend with no reservations.

- Leslie Blair

Amazingly professional, knowledgeable, and friendly people! I have had so many aesthetic procedures in my life, and Dr. Pierone and his team surpassed all my expectations. I learned so much and had a ton of fun. My lips still look amazing months later - smooth and natural with lots of volume. This is absolutely the best aesthetics team I've ever seen!

- Cassie C

My experience at One Aesthetics in Winter Park has been nothing but the best! Amie has always made me feel so comfortable. I would highly recommend and promise when you walk out you will feel like a movie star!

- L Gardner

ONE AESTHETICS is service orientated but they also make you feel like family. Suggestions are made according to your concerns, no pressure of any kind. Dr. P is one on the most experienced and compassionate doctors that I have met! You walk out feeling fresh and rested. They are the absolute best!

- Anjie D

Awesome experience! Any apprehensions I had faded when everybody made me feel so welcome!. They were very knowledgeable and genuinely wanted the best for me! Amie is so sweet and helpful! Dr. Pierone was great, and all the girls were just fun to be with! Thanks y’all for making it a wonderful time!!

- Lori Shultis

One of the best experiences I've ever had! Amie is so incredibly hospitable, Jaime works miracles on your skin, and Dr. Pierone was the most experienced doctor I've ever dealt with. The results I've had so far from both Dr. Pierone and Jaime are so incredible that I wouldn't go anywhere else but One Aesthetics.

- A Barrineau

My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Pierone for five years. Based on our experience he is the best injector in the country. Amie and her staff offer a truly wonderful experience at One Aesthetics.

- Cassie C

Dr. Pierone and Amie have been the most generous, gentle, skilled, professionals I have had the pleasure to know. They are true artists, never allowing greed to fog artistic vision. Through their work, staying youthful is easy and affordable. Thirty-five years ago, even before voluptuous lips were popular, as a NY model I wanted those lips, and silicone was the rage. However, the doctors administering the silicone didn’t know that silicone doesn’t age well, and in short, at the age of 45, I looked monstrous. Dr. P. fixed my lips as well as my bags under my eyes. He restored my youthful cheeks and the threading has tightened my skin back to my days of youth. When the stars say, “I have never had cosmetic surgery," this is why. Facelift results without the pain or surgery and for a fraction of the cost. There is no downtime, plus the threads contribute to natural collagen restoration. You only have one life. Looking good motivates you to work harder and try to make the world a better place, as do Amie and Dr. P….I bet it will do the same for you! :)

- Maureen R

One Aesthetics is AMAZING!!! This was my first time there, and I will be back for sure!!!! Not only do I look and feel great about myself thanks to Dr. Amir, but as soon as I walked in the door what seemed like everyone who worked there came and introduced themselves. I felt like I was with old friends right away!!!! They were informative, friendly, funny, and professional !!! I will be recommending everyone here for sure! Thank you so much One Aesthetics!!!

- Daniel R

I had the honor of training with Dr. Pierone at One Aesthetics this past weekend. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Pierone, Amie (owner), and the staff. What I admired most about Dr. Pierone was how much he truly cares about each and every patient. He listens to their concerns, and uses the most innovative treatments and techniques to help patients look and feel their best. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to learn from one of the best injectors

- M Gordon

What is it that every person wants when looking for an injector? First, they want expert skill and experience. Second, they want someone to listen to them and their concerns. We see ourselves daily and know our flaws all too well! Next, we need the expert injector to have an artistic eye and the ability to bring youth and vitality back to our face. The cherry on top is that the injector truly cares and has the personality to make our experience positive and uplifting! If that sums up what you are looking for in an injector, then you need look no further! You have found Dr. Pierone! I had the honor of training under this fantastic doctor and can only sing his praises! You are the lucky one if you get the opportunity to have him as your injector! You will smile every single day as you are going to LOVE what looks back at you in the mirror!

- D Galloway

Dr. Pierone is the best. My experience could not have gone smoother. I flew into Orlando in the early afternoon, had the procedure, and flew home that same night. Dr. Pierone makes you feel very comfortable and is so gentle. I love the results. Highly recommended!

- B Wissman

Amie is fantastic as is the rest of the staff! I can't say enough as to how wonderful the experience is. I drive 3 hours because of the professionalism of the staff in addition to the perfectionism of Dr. P. I am ALWAYS happy with my results! They know their stuff and you wont be disappointed!!!!!!


My experience was nothing short of wonderful. Amie bent over backwards to make me feel comfortable and welcome. The office itself was clean and bright. Everyone on the staff had smiles glued to their faces! Dr. P is the best in business. He's informative, professional, and does an amazing job at keeping you distracted during (potentially uncomfortable) treatments. I felt no pain throughout my lip injections/tear trough treatment and I am so pleased with my results. I had a little bit of bruising/swelling afterwards that lasted a few days, but that's all. Definitely will be back. Thank you staff!

- V Perry

My experience at One Aesthetics was top notch from beginning to end. They are not your standard cosmetic facility! One Aesthetics offers cutting edge services that are ahead of their time (in addition to the services that have been around for some time). Amie and Mark assisted in scheduling the appointment with me, and also got an assessment of what I needed beforehand. They make you feel very welcomed. The facility is extremely clean, and in the prime location of Winter Park (Park Ave.) Dr. Pierone took care of my "beauty therapy," in a timely and professional way. He's a great guy and very easy to talk to! Most importantly- the results were amazing!! I've had issues with sunken in eyes and dark circles since I was a kid. With the help of threading and some fillers, he was able to give my under eye area a nice lift! My eyes look a lot less tired, and more youthful. I will definitely be returning for more treatments! The environment at One Aesthetics is so warm, you don't really feel like a customer but more like a good friend! They are on to something very special here! Five stars all the way! 

- Mauricio W

As a medical spa owner, physician, and injector. I was beyond amazed at the magnificent experience I had at One Aesthetics. Amie and her staff went above and beyond to welcome me and ensure my day of training with Dr Pierone far exceeded my highest expectations. Dr Pierone is the best injector I have ever seen, but that is just the beginning. Amie, Dana, and Susan greet everyone and make them feel at home and like they are the most important person. They spend time answering questions, preparing patients for their treatments while working within their budgets.

The patients are then greeted by Dr Pierone, who has such a kind and gentle demeanor, puts the patients right at ease. Through a careful discussion with the patients, a plan is developed and he begins his magic. His amazing and knowledgeable assistants, Jamie and Becky are right there helping the patients feel comfortable and informed. Everyone walked out with beautifully natural enhancements and feeling more confident and as though they were the most important person of the day.

I am so grateful for this learning opportunity. I sincerely can’t thank Amie, Mark, Jamie, Becky, Dana, Susan and especially Dr Pierone enough for my day. Everyone was so forthcoming with information and helpful tricks I can return home and share with my staff.
I am looking forward to returning in a few weeks to have Dr Pierone work on me.

- C Goodman MD

My wife and myself have been a patient of Dr. Pierone for approximately two years. We had a chance to go to One Aesthetics in Winter Park last friday. The experience was amazing. We would recommend Dr. Pierone to anyone wanting to look younger. Amie Evans and her support team are unbelievable. They are so accommodating and knowledgeable and helpful, through all Dr. Pierone's procedures.

- G Hammertan

My experience at One Aesthetics has been superb and I highly recommend them. The entire staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Amie, Mark, Jaime, Becky , and all the ladies are so gracious and made me feel very comfortable.

I had my very first laser facial treatment done by Jaime whom explained the procedure in detail. So, I went back for five more treatments and Jaime did a fabulous job.

To save the best for last would be to speak about Dr. Pierone. Dr. Pierone in his patient gentle voice explained to me how he could transform my face and neck into a more natural youthful look.

Then, my experience began with the best injector aka Dr. Pierone using Bellafill and from there he began to patiently transform me. Dr. Pierone used PDO threads, Voluma, and other innovative techniques to get the best results for me. Dr. Pierone had the knowledge, expertise, and experienced eye to make my experience a success. When my friends stated "you look rested" ; then, I knew I had the best doctor working on my face and neck. I appreciate immensely all that Dr. Pierone has done for me.

Thank you One Aesthetics for this incredible experience.

- D Shirley

I had an incredible experience, both the doctor and the staff made every effort to make me comfortable and treated me as if they were long time friends. Never have I had such a overall pleasant experience with a doctor.

- A Saa

I could not ask for a better experience

with a doctor! I have been to many doctors over the years, and I can honestly say Dr. Pierone is rare!! His knowledge of the latest things available is always on the cutting edge, yet he is very honest as to what will work with his patients. I love his gentle yet professional nature and trust him completely.

- S Haines

Dr. Pierone is great! I love the fact that "less is more" with him. He doesn't try to "sell" you. He gives you his honest opinion. He doesn't try to overdo things. Nice, natural looks that look great without being over the top. Amie is wonderfully helpful and so are all the other people that work there. Great experience.

- A Allen

Amie is fantastic as is the rest of the staff! I can't say enough as to how wonderful the experience is. I drive three hours because of the professionalism of the staff in addition to the perfectionism of Dr. P. I am ALWAYS happy with my results! They know their stuff, and you won’t be disappointed!!!!!!

- LarkIII

Dr Pierone has been wonderful, polite, and very caring.  He has a good eye for making only the necessary and beneficial improvements. All the staff, including Amie, Ashley, Mark are such a delight and always very welcoming. Excellent in all categories. I highly recommend One Aesthetics! 

- Cheryll Huth

I was invited to a special event at Gloria Estefan hotel in Vero. I won a free syringe of Bellafill!! I was so excited, I had never won anything. That started my relationship with Dr. Pierone. He is absolutely an artist. He has taken years off my face, without surgery. He is cutting edge technology!! He's also the most down to earth, nicest doctor I've ever met!! I just love him and his staff!! Especially Amie! I drive 2 1/2 hrs. To go see him in Winter park, and it's worth every minute. He never over does it, totally makes your face look so natural and relaxed. I would never let any other doc touch my face!! He's simply the best!! He's also affordable for the average person!! Try him, you won't be disappointed!!

- Virginia P
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