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The Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial: Replenish Your Skin

The Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial has a kind of cult following in Hollywood, and for good reason. In under an hour, this non-invasive treatment re-hydrates and plumps the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, re-volumizes hyaluronic acid fillers, and imparts a dewy glow. It's the beauty secret of several celebrities before a big red-carpet event. The glowing complexions of some of your favorite starlets are courtesy of Intraceuticals.

Intraceuticals determined that hydration is the fundamental component of healthy, beautiful skin, so they created an innovative technology to maximize the skin's hydration level. Optimally hydrated skin is supple and plump, with a reduction in lines and wrinkles. There is also an improvement in texture and tone, and dry, sensitive, post-procedure skin is soothed.

Dehydration can increase premature fine lines and wrinkles. Not to mention how it robs the skin of its radiance. Pure hydration is the essential component of vital, healthy-looking skin.

Most modern moisturizers form a barrier against moisture loss and give the surface of the skin a sheen (the appearance of moisture). Intraceuticals improved on this model, creating a technology to actually infuse the skin with beneficial ingredients. This results in replenished skin, with an increased ability to attract and hold water.

All skin types require hydration. Excess oil on the surface of the skin can make a moisturizer seem redundant but enhancing the hydration within an oily complexion can lead to reduced oil production on the surface. Plus, oily skin types still suffer from dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles!

The Rejuvenate Signature Facial: The blue spheres represent hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronics (natural water binding ingredients) are very effective at increasing the hydration level within our skin. That's why you see so many products and ads touting the ingredient

hyaluronic acid. It’s a polysaccharide that occurs naturally throughout various tissues and fluids in our bodies and can hold over 1000 times its weight in water.

Intraceuticals takes hyaluronics to the next level with their patented 3 Step Hyaluronic Layering technique. Their celebrity endorsed Oxygen Facial layers three different weights of hyaluronics (micro, medium, and large) to ensure complete penetration through several layers of skin; infusing the skin with what it needs to not only look but be its healthiest.

Their medical grade skincare works on the same principle, with different products containing varying weights of hyaluronic acid that penetrate to different levels within the skin to perform specific roles. Intraceuticals cutting-edge products go hand and hand with your treatment, allowing you to maintain your results for as long as possible.

Intraceuticals’ patented “3 Step Hyaluronic Layering” technology

1 - Satiate the skin with micro hyaluronic acid and targeted active ingredients

2 - Surround the cells in a day-long active reservoir with medium hyaluronic acid

3 - Large hyaluronic acid molecules bind the matrix, keeping dryness and free radicals out and hydration in

The Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial is relaxing and replenishing

In addition to restoring hydration, Intraceuticals harnesses the regenerative properties of pure hyperbaric oxygen.  Oxygen aids in healing and is used for the treatment of certain skin conditions. It also has antibacterial properties that are beneficial to acneic skin.  Pollution in our environment deprives our skin of pure oxygen; leading to stressed out, prematurely aging skin that lacks firmness and elasticity.  The Intraceuticals facial uses pure oxygen under pressure to facilitate the delivery of hyaluronic acid and other nutrients into the skin for unparalleled hydration and replenishment. This technique also stimulates collagen and elastin production, further enhancing the radiance and vitality of the complexion. It's not hard to see why celebrities like Chelsea Handler, Jessica Biel, Kirsten Dunst, Paris Hilton, and Cher (to name a few) say they can't live without their Intraceuticals.

As if pure oxygen and optimum hydration weren't enough, Intraceuticals offers variations on the facial that allow you to customize your results.  The multi-weight hyaluronics work as an exceptional delivery system for powerful active skincare ingredients that can be tailored to address your skincare concerns.

Intraceuticals Signature Treatments

The Rejuvenate Oxygen Facial is at the core of the Intraceuticals treatments because of its broad range of benefits. It improves hydration and volume, plumping up the skin. Rejuvenate instantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin looks younger, radiant, and glows. Low weight hyaluronic acid, Vitamins A, C, E, and green tea combine to support collagen synthesis and protect against oxidation (that destroys healthy collagen).  It's also perfect for use after professional treatments like lasers or chemical peels to soothe skin. It reduces itching, dryness, and tightness while keeping new skin cells supple and hydrated.

The Opulence Oxygen Facial is the prescription for dull, lackluster, or hyperpigmented skin. Botanical brighteners and concentrated Vitamin C work together to even skin tone, leaving the complexion luminous. Retinyl palmitate, peptides, and low weight hyaluronic acid complete the cocktail to support collagen synthesis and optimum hydration.

The Opulence Oxygen Facial is the prescription for dull, lackluster, or hyperpigmented skin. Botanical brighteners and concentrated Vitamin C work together to even skin tone, leaving the complexion luminous. Retinyl palmitate, peptides, and low weight hyaluronic acid complete the cocktail to support collagen synthesis and optimum hydration.

Booster Treatments

The Vitamin A + Booster is ideal for congested, acneic skin or skin in need of improved elasticity. It contains a patented form of Vitamin A (retinoid) that has a reduced irritation profile with increased potency. It refines the appearance of blemishes, visible pores, sun damage, textural irregularities, and wrinkles.

The Antioxidant + Booster is like a detox treatment for dull, distressed skin. Powerful antioxidants from superfruits found in the Australian Outback help reinvigorate and protect travel-weary complexions or those subjected to long work hours. Antioxidant + improves the appearance of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes too.

The Vitamin C+3 Booster incorporates three forms of Vitamin C that work synergistically. This booster is especially for sun-damaged skin with hyperpigmentation or other signs of premature aging. Vitamin C is essential for the synthesis of collagen. It fights free radicals, brightens hyperpigmentation, and provides an extra layer of photoprotection when used under sunscreen.  This booster smooths, strengthens, and promotes a healthy glow while infusing ultimate hydration.

The Collagen + Booster contains a unique cocktail of peptides that signal the skin to make collagen. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen; leading to wrinkles, lines, and loss of elasticity. This booster enhances the firmness and density of aging skin while providing deep hydration for a more youthful appearance. Skin appears tighter, firmer, and rejuvenated instantly.

Add-on Treatments

The Atoxolene add-on treatment is an exclusive blend of Acetyl octapeptide-3 and Hibiscus Esculentus extract, known for their relaxing effect on expression lines like those found around the eyes, forehead, and lips. Atoxolene can be added on to any facial treatment to target problem areas and enhance the contours of the face. Skin is firmed, lifted and plumped up with a dramatic reduction in fine lines. 

A Prescribed Regimen

The Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial gives immediate, visible results; but regular use ensures the health of your skin long term. It's perfect if you want to appear luminous and smooth before a big event and provides your skin with what it needs for optimum health like no skincare product can. 

Intraceuticals recommends a course of six treatments alongside use of their skincare products to maximize your results. Your skin will look and feel more hydrated, plump, and vital. You'll notice renewed firmness with reduced fine lines and wrinkles. The effect endures with regular treatments (much like a skincare product that requires consistent use for best results).

Before and after an Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial

How the Intraceuticals product line helps enhance and maintain the results achieved with their Oxygen Facial

Hydrated, plumped up skin in under an hour has made devotees of some of Hollywood’s most beautiful faces. These are people who jet around the world, working in an industry that requires them to look their very best at all times.


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